Universities throughout the United States welcome ten of thousands of international students to their campuses every year. Going to school in the United States can be an extremely rewarding experience, but paying for it can be a challenge. Most students rely on several funding sources, such as scholarships, grants, family, personal savings, and finally, student loans. Many American students rely on government loans, but these are not available for international students. Fortunately, there are many international student loans available from private lenders.

By using our comparison tool, you can immediately see what lenders are available depending upon what school you plan to attend. You can then apply immediately online. Follow these steps to get the process started. Follow these easy steps to apply online now:

  1. Find a cosigner.
  2. Enter your information into our comparison tool.
  3. Compare lenders.
  4. Apply online.
  5. Wait for pre-qualification.
  6. Complete your application.

Step 1: Find a Cosigner
Private lenders will only make a loan to an international student if he or she has an eligible cosigner. A cosigner is someone willing to take responsibility for the loan if you default on the loan. Your cosigner must fulfill the following conditions in order to be eligible:
• Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
• Has lived in the U.S. for at least the past two years.
• Has a good credit history.

In addition, your cosigner should be in a stable financial situation, which will increase the likelihood that you’ll be approved for the loan. Learn more about finding a cosigner on our page here.

Step 2: Enter your Information
Our tool is a quick and easy way to immediately find private lenders that match your situation and the school you plan to attend. We are the first and only to deliver this service for international students. Simply answer four questions, and get eligible lenders within seconds.

Step 3: Compare Lenders
You can compare the lenders based on rates and fees. Once you have chosen a lender, you can apply immediately online by clicking “Apply online.”

Step 4: Apply Online
The application process will differ for every lender. You will need to provide detailed information on your background, your financial situation, and the school you plan to attend. You will also have to provide detailed information on your cosigner as well. Your school determines how much you can borrow based on the cost of attendance and how much other aid you’ve been awarded in scholarships and grants. If you have questions during the application process, you can consult our help pages here.

Step 5: Wait for Pre-qualification
Many lenders will let you know if you’ve been prequalified within two days after you complete the application process. However, it can take several weeks and even up to two months to get the final approval. Therefore, be sure to start the application process early. You can apply anytime; there are no deadlines.

Step 6: Complete Your Application
Once your application has been approved, you and your cosigner will need to sign several documents to finalize the loan, including a Master Promissory Note. Your lender will then contact your school’s financial aid department and the money will be disbursed directly to the school. After paying tuition and fees and other expenses, any additional money meant to pay for living expenses will be disbursed to you from the university. For a more detailed discussion of how to apply for an international student loan, see our page called How Our International Student Loan Comparison Tool Works. Get started on your application today!

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