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Choosing a Bank in the U.S.

June 26th, 2013 by Jonathan Frankel
Choosing a Bank in the U.S.

Though everyday purchases like groceries and gasoline are still accessible to cash-carrying consumer, nowadays there are many things which cannot even be paid for in cash. As a result, a bank account which allows consumers to pay for services like electricity, rent, and tuition with a check or check card is becoming increasingly necessary for…

How to Receive Financial Aid to Study in the US

June 19th, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

For many international students, getting enough money to study in the U.S. is no easy task. The U.S. government doesn’t provide much in the way of financial aid for international students so students typically have to turn elsewhere for help. While it may seem impossible, we’re here to tell you that it can be done….

Opening a U.S. bank account

June 12th, 2013 by Jonathan Frankel

With all of the unique sights, sounds, and tastes that life in America has to offer, as an international student studying in the United States you have a lot to look forward to during your time abroad. Unfortunately, along with the excitement comes a few mundane tasks that, though less thrilling, are nevertheless necessary in…

How to Use the International Student Loan Comparison Tool

June 6th, 2013 by Jonathan Frankel

Between the intimidating coursework you have to complete, the complicated campus layouts you have to learn, and the new culture you have to navigate, being an international student can be as hard as it is exciting. To make matters worse, between travel, tuition, and housing, the cost of studying overseas is higher than ever. Happily,…

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