How to Receive Financial Aid to Study in the US
June 19th, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

flags144292317For many international students, getting enough money to study in the U.S. is no easy task. The U.S. government doesn’t provide much in the way of financial aid for international students so students typically have to turn elsewhere for help. While it may seem impossible, we’re here to tell you that it can be done.

You’ll have to be dedicated, it will require hard work, and you will need to be committed to your end goal. You will need to ask your country’s government for help, find out about work/study programs, research international organizations that provide financial help and then use international student loans to cover the rest.

Here’s an overview of where to turn to and how to receive financial aid to study in the US:

Proudly Represent your Country

If you were an outstanding student at your school, there is no doubt your government recognized it and could gladly send you to a university in the U.S. to represent your homeland. This is one of the best opportunities because the financial load is much easier on your parents. Programs like the King Abdullah Scholarship Program and the Kuwait Ministry of Education Scholarships are some of the largest, and your country may do so as well!

Work/Study Programs

Help out your family and support yourself while studying in the U.S. because the tuition will blow your mind. Although working in the U.S. to supplement your financial aid is difficult, opportunities are available to international students. Keep in mind that many of the programs require you to work on campus, work part-time, and may pay only minimum wage. While it will not cover the majority of your costs, it can help cover many of your smaller expenses.

International Financial Aid from World Organizations

Organizations like the United Nations and the World Health Organization offer scholarships. If you’re eligible, they can help fund your education in the U.S. Be on the look out for opportunities like these though because they come and go fast. Remember, many students are competing for the same opportunities and goal as you, so it can be quite competitive – so be sure to plan ahead and meet all listed deadlines.

International Student Loans

Many international students rely on student loans but they should only be considered once you’ve maximized your other financial aid. All US loans require a co-signer who is an American citizen or permanent resident. If you have a cosigner that meets this requirement, you’ll be able to apply for up to the total cost of your education minus any other financial aid received. See if there are loans available to you by using our comparison tool.


  1. Nkundabatware Albert says:

    I seek a scholarship, please allow me to study in Masters Degree in Suisse.
    Thanks and Regards

    • Jenny Frankel says:

      Hi Nkundabatware, we unfortunately do not offer any scholarships. I recommend contacting your school directly to see if there are any financial aid options. You can also view International Scholarships for external scholarships, grants, etc.

  2. Rose Darnley Desamour says:

    May i get a scholarship?

    • Jenny Frankel says:

      Hi Rose, thanks for your email. Unfortunately we do not provide scholarships, but we do have student loans. They can cover up to the total cost of your education and you can apply right online.

  3. BETFIANG says:

    My name is betfiang,i am cameroonian
    please i need help to study free in
    USA.I study geology in level 2 in
    university yaounde 1.

  4. simon maraze says:


    • Jenny Frankel says:

      Hi Simon, unfortunately our student loans do not work for online distance learning programs. I would recommend contacting your school directly to see if they have any suggestions. Good luck!

  5. ebesom patience says:

    need student loan in other to further my education

  6. ileana says:

    hello, I would like to know if it is possible to get international scholarship or grants to fund my daughters high school education in the United States?. Thank you.

    • Jenny Frankel says:

      Hi Ileana, we unfortunately do not provide any financial aid for high school students. I recommend contacting your school directly to see if there are any financial aid options for her.

  7. Hafiz Muhammad kashif Saleem says:

    Hi , i am from Pakistan .
    I need loan but my country is not included in list .
    Can anybody guide me.

  8. Ifeoma Okoro says:

    How do I get a loan to study at Boston University ps.

  9. Ajoku kingsley says:

    Am a nigerian, i just graduated from the university and i studied religion with gross point of 4.30. I will like to do my masters in human resource management from any university in us, canada or austrelia. Is there any loan available to cover the expenses.

  10. Titus S. Konneh says:

    I am a Liberian and a 2006 high school graduate.Since graduation i have straggles to go to university, but i can’t because of financial reason. I really need your help to obtain this to enable me go to school

  11. Luta Alfonso says:


    i am an international student with Walden University and i need to apply for a loan to fund my studies. My problem is that i do not know if my school is eligible and in wg=hcih district so that i can look at options available. Please help.

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