International Student Loan Consolidation
December 28th, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

consolidate186282759Tuition in the US is growing at an exponential rate, and for international students, the cost can be much higher than an in-state student. International students who are lucky enough to have a US cosigner can apply for select private student loans to help fund their education. Typically, you can take out additional loans if you need to, so that you can keep pace with your total educational costs. But, when you graduate, you may find that you have a number of loans you need to pay back.

What is a student loan consolidation?

International student loan consolidation allows you to combine the loans you’ve taken out into one single loan. After you’ve consolidated, you no longer have to keep track of the many loan payments and interest rate. Instead, you only have to worry about one interest rate and one payment per month.

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2013 Study Abroad Trends
December 20th, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

146794554Though the recently released Open Doors report has a great deal to say about US-bound international student enrollment, it is important to emphasize emphasize that US was not solely a recipient of such exchanges. In fact, in 2012-2013 had more students than ever – fully 283,332 – US students studied abroad. This represents a 3.4% increase over the year before and a three-fold increase on the approximately 71,000 that studied abroad twenty years ago. This is not only an encouraging sign for international cultural exchange but also indication of recovery for a sector that had been dramatically affected by the Great Recession. Read the rest of this entry »

Want an International Scholarship? Here’s How!
December 11th, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

money falling down200398520-001It takes a lot to study in the US. In fact, for many international students even after they spend years studying in school, long hours preparing for entrance exams after school, and carefully preparing applications between semesters, they discover another, more difficult task: paying for it all.

Because the cost of tuition at many US colleges and universities in contingent on residency, international students by their very nature pay costly out-of-state tuition and international student fees. Though it can be expensive, the good news is that a number of resources exist to help you fund your education abroad. In addition to personal savings, for example, international student loans and scholarships are also available. Unfortunately, while international student loans are easily accessible to all (if they have a cosigner with good credit!), international scholarships can be highly competitive. After all, students are competing with peers who are just as driven as they are! Fortunately, however, there a few factors that can help you stand out from the pack and improve your chances of receiving assistance: Read the rest of this entry »

Indians Flock to US MBAs
December 4th, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

too many chiefs185936487It should come as no surprise that the value of an MBA in the USA continues to rise. According to’s annual “Jobs and Salary Trends Report,” there was a 14% increase in MBA job opportunities in 2013. What is perhaps more surprising, however, is the idea that not all MBAs are created equal. In fact, because the research also indicates exactly how much of this growth is driven by Asia (which, year-on-year, saw a 20% rise that vastly outpaces its closest competitor, the Middle East, at 8%), the growth in business school programs is a decidedly Western phenomenon.

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