Between the intimidating coursework you have to complete, the complicated campus layouts you have to learn, and the new culture you have to navigate, being an international student can be as hard as it is exciting. To make matters worse, between travel, tuition, and housing, the cost of studying overseas is higher than ever. Happily, however, in addition to personal wealth and scholarships, a number of international student loan options are available to help you cover the cost of your international studies. Even better, though not all lenders will work with all international students or their chosen schools, a new tool can help you discover which loans will work best for you in no time.

The International Student Loan’s Comparison Tool makes it easy by relying on a series of simple questions to match you, the borrower, with willing lenders. To do this the tool asks a series of questions about you and the school you want to study at.

The first question is all about you: are you are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States?

  • If you are, great – there are a lot of student loan options open to US students whether you are studying abroad or enrolling in a degree program overseas.
  • If you are not, that’s no problem: if you answer “no” to this question a new one pops up: do you have a US co-signer? As this question suggests, even if you are not a legal resident of the US there are many loan options still available as long as you have a US cosigner.

With the student-oriented questions out of the way, the International Student Loan Comparison Tool turns its attention to the school of your choice. The second question asks about the school you are attending: what is your school state and school name?

  • Simply choose the state in which your school is located in
  • Next, select the school you are planning to attend

Because not all lenders work with all schools, International Student Loan needs to know the state and name of your school in order to use its comprehensive knowledge of the industry to match you with compatible lenders. Just answer those two question questions, provide your e-mail address, and you will be able to see eligible loan options – and even apply online – in no time.