Social Security Number for International Student Loans?
February 1st, 2021 by admin

searching for information about social security number for international student

US student loans are available for international students from around the world. We get many questions from you about the application process and one of our most frequently asked questions is whether international students need social security numbers in order to apply for student loans.

The good news is that you don’t!

Social Security Numbers (SSN) are not a required part of the application process, and many lenders will work with foreign students even if they do not have a social security number – that is as long as you have a US cosigner OR are applying for a loan that does not require a cosigner.

Some international student loan applications allow you to apply right online without making the social security number field required, while others do not. If you find that you are unable to proceed because you do not have one, contact the lender before you give up!

If you receive an error that you are unable to proceed, you can call them and they’ll give you a paper application instead.

Why, you ask?

Many of the student loan application forms were designed with US domestic students in mind and they wanted to make sure that the form is completed in its entirety. But that may not mean that you are ineligible.

If you get an error message, be sure to:

  1. Review the online application and make sure you completed the fields correctly
  2. Call the number listed on the application form for advice on how to proceed

Want to learn more about social security numbers and international students? Check out our article that will detail even more information on this subject so that you can get your international student loan to help fund your international education. And for more on student aid you may be interested in the resources at


  1. Neda Celestin says:

    I’m trying to get a student loan for my studies in the US. I’m a Canadian citizen, and all the banks that I’ve called required a Social Security Number, which I’m not eligible for. Do you know of a bank that doesn’t require the SSN?


  2. tarek says:

    hello iam egyptian and I’ve been in the usa since months could i get a loan to study here in egypt if not could i get one witch helps me to buy flight ticket to get back

    • Jennifer Frankel says:

      Hi Tarek – unfortunately our loans are designed to cover your college expenses if you are enrolled in a US college or university. If you are studying in the US, then you can get a loan to cover your educational expenses can include your transportation.

  3. Tevin says:

    I am a student living in South America who is has been trying for several to attend a school in the United States. If you can, please provide several private loaning institutions that do not require a SSN?

  4. Meg says:

    Hello I’m currently a senior and im on h4 visa and Ive been living in NYS for 10 years. The green card is in the process and I’m learning that I can’t apply for FAFSA so can I get a loan from the bank?

  5. Abdulla says:

    Hello im Abdulla from kuwait im trying to buy a car but i don’t have SSN to finance there is any way to do it ?

    • Jennifer Frankel says:

      Hi Abdulla, unfortunately our loans are specifically for international students and cover school expenses such as tuition, books, room and board, etc. I would recommend contacting private banks to see if you would qualify for a car loan without a SSN.

  6. alberto ramirez says:

    I’ve been in the US for 5 years but i d not have a SSN, is there any way to get a load for my studies? or any other type of help?

  7. Elizabetb says:

    Hello, Im an AB540 student who has been living in the country for 15 years. I do not have a ssn and I need a student loan to pay for my fall 2015 classes. Would you guys approve me?

    • Jennifer Frankel says:

      Many lenders do not require a SSN, but if you are an international student they may require you to fill out a paper application instead. You will need to contact your lender directly to see what additional information you need to apply. Here’s the direct link to return back to the apply page:

  8. Mohammed says:

    I’m international student. I don’t have ssn so I couldn’t get loan. After while i found bank that give loans for international students but it requires co-student who is u.s citizen to sign with. The problem I don’t know anyone want it

    • Jennifer Frankel says:

      Hi Mohammed – thanks for your message. While you do not need a SSN to apply, you will need a US cosigner. That co-signer must be a US citizen or permanent resident, with good credit, who has lived in the US for the past two years. This is typically a friend or family member of yours.  If you cannot find a co-signer that meets these requirements, you are unfortunately ineligible for our loans.

  9. Romio says:

    I am applying for an FSA ID to create FAFSA account. My inquiry is that it is required to have Social Security Number at the Identity panel. I am an international student who doesn’t have SSN. Please advise ASAP.

    • Jennifer Frankel says:

      FAFSA is generally for US students and not for international students. What are you looking to do?

  10. Omar says:

    Hello, I am a Canadian student who recently got accepted to the carribean medical school. Unfortunately all of my family are us citizens, doctors and very well off. They are willing to sign my loan as a co-signer or even as a parent student loan. However, everyone requires that you are a American resident or citizen? Anyone any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Al Clunnie says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      Unfortunately, our loan programs are for international students from anywhere in the world studying in the United States, or for US students studying abroad. We do not currently have a program for international students studying elsewhere in the world, even with a US co-signer.

      If you would like more information about international student loans for studying in the US please let me know.

      For information and listings of scholarships available around the world, please visit:

      Be sure to receive the free International Student Newsletter — sign up at:

  11. Wislande Jean says:

    Hi, I am a nursing student in the U.S., I am going through severe economical hardship. All the banks won’t accept me because I don’t have ssn but I love my career so much and I don’t want to stop going college. Please, help me understand a way that I can get a loan, how does it work, and when and how can I return the money?

    • Al Clunnie says:

      Thank you for your email.

      We have loan programs available to international students studying at an approved school in the United States. Most international student loans require students to have a co-signer, the co-signer must be a US citizen or permanent resident with good credit and income history and who has lived in the US for the past two years. However, no cosigner loans are available to international students who attend select schools. You will also have to provide a valid student visa in order to finalize the loan. You can apply for up to the total cost of education (some lenders will have a maximum amount you can borrow so you will need to confirm that with them), as determined by your school, minus any other aid received. After you apply and receive credit approval for you and your co-signer, your school must certify the amount of the loan. The proceeds are then disbursed directly to the school.

      You should apply for a loan after you have been accepted and enrolled into an eligible school.

      You can see eligible schools here:

      You can start the application process and find all available lenders here:

      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  12. Jalen says:

    Hi there, I am an international student from New Zealand on a F-1 visa. I have a SSN that was issued to me by my school because they have employed me. Am I able to take out a loan without a co-signer since I have this number?

  13. Garrniqua Stuart says:

    Hello I’m currently enrolled at Indiana State University as an International nursing major and I’m trying to find a student loan but I need a SSN- which I don’t qualify for. Can I please receive some assistance

  14. Dammy says:

    Is it possible for my niece that was offered admission by two universities in Indiana state to apply for student loan, she doesn’t have SSN. She will be graduating from high school next year, thank you

  15. Dash says:

    Hi from Nigeria, I got offered conditional admission in a university in Virginia and I need a student loan to further my studies. I have neither a cosigner nor SSN. Are there private lenders you can direct me to? Thank you.

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