Second Chance to Win $100 in our Financial Aid Fun Contest
July 11th, 2014 by Victoria Troupe

This contest is so exciting! We’ve already announced our winner of last week’s drawing. Now here’s chance number 2 to win in our Financial Aid Fun Contest! Here is the next question to answer correctly in order to be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card!

Question #2

“What is your favorite page on”

And the Winner of $100 is: Sunshine Darling

“This is the first time I have visited this website and I am completely impressed by the post in the link below. It dawns on me about things I have to do when it’s time for me to pay back the loan which enables me to study abroad. I have harbored the dream of learning in other countries especially European ones for a long time. However, I find it hard to get 100% scholarship, which makes my hope somehow faded away. The information your website gives me is extremely precious to me. Now, my belief comes back and I eventually work out what I have to do for my future.”
View Question #3 here.

How do I enter and win?

Simply add us on Facebook or Twitter.  Just submit the correct answer to the question by posting it on your feed and tagging us, posting it on our page, or submitting it directly on this blog as a comment below. We’ll announce the winners the next Thursday, July 17. Don’t worry if the winner is not you. A new question will be announced the following Friday – there are three questions and three chances to win during the three weeks of the contest!

This opportunity is brought to you by, the premier resource for students studying internationally and, your’s truly, International Student Loan. Remember, now is the time to apply for an International Student Loan if you need one. See if you’re eligible here.


  1. Kalaivanan Manoharan says:

    I like the page
    “” which contains details about the financial resources which students should consider during their plan of study.

    I came across the video for budgeting , it gave idea how I should spend and check my dollars before making any plan.

    Being coming from India , here I have student loans for 12.5% but after learning from this page I could see international student loans offer less interest rates and provide guiding for acquiring loans is one of the best help.

    I subscribed this page and also started sharing with my friends who are searching for student loans.
    thank you for such a help provided by you to international students.

  2. Grace says:

    My favorite page on is . It helps a lot with the application process, which is usually so complicated! Thanks 🙂

  3. Anastasiya says:

    My favorite page on is Blog.
    There are a great deal of interesting and useful information for international students. I try to read it at least twice a week, because i don’t want to miss some catchy sources of information. I want to find something that i would like, so i don’t give in and keep on seeking.

  4. sehran says:

    I read the study

  5. islam taher says:

    i think this page which i like most
    Financial Aid for Study Abroad Students

  6. Lujain Al-Khawi says:

    My favorite page is:

    I like it because it gives the list of all American schools that are eligible for international student loans. It gave me relief knowing that my dream college will allow me to get a loan as an international student.

  7. sehran says:


  8. Damilola Oyetunji says:

    My favorite page on is the international financial aid resources page. this is because it explains in details the various steps one can take in order to reduce the financial stress experienced by international students.

  9. Funmilade Oyetunji says:

    My favorite page on is the international financial aid resources page because it points out the various ways an international student can get financial help.

  10. David Nnaemeka Ugwuegbu says:

    My favorite page on is the International financial aid resources page. This is because it provides me with the necessary information on how to budget for school,the way i can fund my studies and lastly gives me a clearer picture of the financial aid system. In other words,this international financial aid resource page is the only page that can examine these topics as the relate to me as an international student and to every other international student because of its uniqueness.

  11. Gospel says:

    My favourite page is I never knew it could be easy to get a job after college graduation as international student, I used to see it as a difficult adventure
    really interesting page.thanks.

  12. Dheerendra Malav says:

    Financial aid to poor students is my favourite page because it helps those maritorious poor students who have a dream for their future and future of nation but they dont make to this in real life so financial aid is my favourite page.

  13. Naveen Khan says:

    My favorite page on is

    I like this page because it contains a wealth of information useful for students ranging from absolute beginners having little idea of US loan laws, to those who have a hang of the international student loan process but are in need of secondary-level guidance. The information is compiled in the form of simple FAQs which is easy to read and follow.

  14. Michayla says:

    Eligible Schools in the United Kingdom for Study Abroad Loans:

    This page was very helpful as it gave a complete list of schools that will accept international student loans. As someone interested in studying abroad having the information on how to manage the price tag that comes along is assuring.

  15. Justizia Kassegne says:

    My favorite page is the Budgeting tips for International students

  16. Luren Canales says:

    My favorite page on is definitely . I’m from Peru and this information is very privileged. It helps a lot with the application process, which is usually complicated and confused. 🙂

  17. Dorcas says: has anwers to virtually all the questions in my head even without laying them out

  18. Mohamed Arabi says:

    My favorite page on the international student loan website is the one that gives information and guidelines on how can international students budget their education in the U.S. by giving us advice and tips on how to manage our finances well. Besides it provides. sources of financial aids and bursaries to help offset the some of the cost. You can access it through this link:
    Mohamed Arabi

  19. otuokwu israel says:

    i like the page :

  20. Calvin Leong Min Hua says:

    My favorite page is the International Financial Aid Resources. It really provide specific guidelines that helps us, international students, big time.

  21. Ylham says:

    My favorite page is Now I know where to transfer after graduating from Community College in order to receive International Student Loan

  22. Ang says:

    I am so glad i read
    I received scholarship money but it didn’t cross my mind to think about tax responsibility! Also good steps to figure out nett cost! i suggest everyone who haven’t read this check it out!!

  23. Aimi says:

    International Student Blog is well organized and easy to read. Of all the pages,my favorite page is International Student Loan Information. International Student Loan Information page had helped me understand the requirements for non-resident international student to receive financial aids.

  24. CLETUS FRIDAY says:

    My favourite page on
    Is SMART BUDGETING TIPS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. Because it explain on how to have smart budgeting taking into consideration what are
    Essentials as international student:
    1) Start-up cost
    2) Tuition cost
    3) Transportation cost
    4) Insurance
    5) Brooks
    6) Feediy cost
    7) Miscellaneous exp.
    After removing these cost from the total income, left is the Discretionary funds which should take care of costs like:
    1) Cost for Trips
    2) Special Event
    3) culture
    4) Hobbies
    The remaining should be for emergency
    This page is amazing.

  25. fany fabiola soler says:

    well in general all of them because they give so much important information, but if I have to choose one will be the Loan services because it helps students to understand and prepare to obtain loans for those who dont qualify for financial aid.. good service!

  26. Mohamed Arabi says:

    I wish I will do it this time REALLY!!

  27. Gleb says:

    This page seems very useful to me

    I am thinking of applying for a student loan right now and I literally know nothing about the process. So this page is very informative and helpful it gives you all the steps and pretty much all the information you need, so you won’t drop a clanger when it comes to getting a loan

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