Today is the day! Our Financial Aid Fun Contest has officially begun! Here is the first question to answer correctly in order to be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card!

Question #1

“What is a cosigner?”

And the Winner of $100 is: Islam Taher

“A cosigner is someone who guarantees that if the borrower cannot pay back the loan, they will be legally responsible to pay back the debt. In other words, the cosigner is taking on a huge responsibility for the international student loan or study abroad loan since they are being asked to accept the responsibility of paying back the total loan amount plus any interest.”

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How do I enter and win?

Simply add us on Facebook or Twitter.  Just submit the correct answer to the question by posting it on your feed and tagging us, posting it on our page, or submitting it directly on this blog as a comment below. We’ll announce the winners the following week. Don’t worry if the winner is not you. A new question will be announced next Friday – you have three questions and three chances to win during the next three weeks!

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