Benjamin Franklin, America’s great sage, may have said that death and taxes are life’s only certainty but to that list we humbly suggest you add college and food. After all, the value of a college education is at an all-time high in today’s increasingly competitive job market and, well, you have to eat. Just because prices for both are likewise at all-time highs, however, does not mean you are consigned to a diet of ramen and water! Here are few budget-friendly food tips for college students looking to make their student loans goes the distance:

  1. Make your own food. Not only is most prepackaged food more expensive but it is also less nutritious to boot. While not everyone is a natural-born cook, if you’re in college in the first place you have certainly demonstrated your ability to learn (and apply) new skills. Thus homemade spaghetti with red sauce is surely within your reach – and quite a bit cheaper than its canned cousin.
  2. Bring it with you. If you are already going through the trouble – though it is not really that much trouble, we swear! – of making your homemade meals, take your budget-friendly foods on the road to stretch the savings. All you have to do is make extra portions when you are cooking dinner and pack your own lunch. If last night’s dinner doubles as today’s lunch then you have the potential to double your savings.
  3. Shop right. Of course, the simplest way to save money is on the food itself. Fortunately for you, some of the best budget-friendly foods are also some of the most flexible (and forgiving). Eggs, beans, and soy are not only cheap protein sources but also adaptable for any number of dishes. With dishes like French toast, chili, and stir fry, you won’t miss the meat but will welcome the savings!

We hope you enjoyed these budget-friendly food tips for college students – what do you do at home to save money at school? Share it with other readers to help you save money!