With spring break around the corner, advertisements for vacation destinations are popping up at a record pace at college campuses around the country. While these getaways look fun, their price tags are often no laughing matter. Still, if you are worried about the expense of spring break getaway adding to the burden of your expenses, there is something to smile about: it is easier to have a spring break on a budget than you might think. The answer to your prayers, in a word, is to think less about a vacation and more about a “staycation”.

Indeed, as so many domestic and international students know, staying home doesn’t mean you have to stay in! There are doubtless dozens of things in your area that you have “always wanted to do” but never have. For example, if you haven’t had the chance to fully enjoy your area’s museums, historical monuments, and scenic byways then now is chance. By changing your outlook and discovering your inner tourist it will be easy to have see the potential for adventure in your own back yard!

Plus, spring is not just a time for colleges but for entire communities to shake off the winter blues. As a result there are doubtless a lot of Springtime events for international students to enjoy right outside their home. Check your local paper or regional websites for listings of local activities and annual events. You will doubtless find the kind of music festivals and artwalks that will make it easy to enjoy your spring break on a budget.

Finally, staying home does not mean you can’t explore your area. Liven things up by taking a day trip to a nearby city to spread out the fun and do something different. From New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, there is doubtless a major city in your neck of the woods just waiting to be discovered!