With winter on the way out and warmer weather on the way in, one thing is clear: spring break is around the corner. Of course, just because you are on vacation does not mean your financial concerns take a holiday. So, while the quintessential image of this collegiate tradition features white sand beaches and exotic destinations many international students think about, let us be the first to tell you that there are far more affordable ways to relax during your upcoming break. For inspiration international students need look no further than that other great slice of Americana: the road trip.

A road trip is an ideal spring break adventure for many reasons. Not only is it easy for international students to save money with a spring break road trip but, as millions of students and scores of Hollywood movies can attest, it is the consummate college experience. Plus, for the budget conscious, the open road holds a lot of appeal. While exotic destinations like Cancun and Waikiki sound nice, airfare is expensive.

As an alternative, you can cut down on the cost – but not the excitement – by taking a road trip closer to home. You are good to go with little more than a couple of friends, a set of wheels, and a map – no TSA security pat-down required! For the price of a single ticket you and your friends can share the costs and the adventure at the same time. Plus, not only can you save money with a spring break road trip but, as master of the open road, you can also be as flexible and spontaneous as you like!

So what are you waiting for? With the high cost of airfare off the table you will see that it is easy to enjoy yourself with four wheels and a sense of adventure. Grab a few friends and find a destination – the adventure awaits!