International Private Student Loans
July 5th, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

Many international students soon find that supporting an education overseas can be a challenge. After all, international students are not eligible for many financial aid avenues that US students have access to. Once international students have maximized their scholarships and grants, they may still need help covering their costs. In situations like these, international private student loans can help cover this gap so that they can afford tuition, airfare, books, living expenses, and much more.

International private student loans are available to non-US citizens coming to the US to study, as long as they have a US cosigner. They can apply for the total cost of their education, as determined by their school, minus any financial aid they’ve received. The college or university is highly involved in the process in not only certifying the loan amount, but also in receiving the dispersed funds from the lender. Because of this, international students will have to ensure that the loan they apply to:

1. Lends to international students; and
2. Works with their college or university.

So, how would an international student know whether their lender meets both criteria? With our loan comparison tool, students can simply enter in their citizenship and school, and be immediately matched with available lenders that will work for their students. Don’t spend time searching or calling each lender, International Student Loan has made international private student loans even easier!

With our loan comparison tool, international students can compare terms and conditions, choose the loan that works for them, and then apply right online. The options available offer competitive rates, with a quick initial approval within weeks. If you, or someone you know, are looking for financial assistance for the new semester, check out international private student loans.

If you have questions on student loans, don’t hesitate to contact our representatives as we are here to help you navigate the complicated path of financing your studies overseas.


  1. Rehmani says:

    I recently got into University of Utah as a degree seeking student.I am a non US citizen and needs loans to help me with my studies..estimated costs are about 17000USD. Any suggestions apart from Sallie mae?im currently waiting for my visa which should be issued in a few days

    • jfrankel says:

      Hi Rehmani, thanks for contacting us about financing your education at the University of Utah. We do have other options apart from Sallie Mae that you are eligible for, and you can apply up to the total cost of your education minus any additional aid you’ve received. To see the list of lenders, compare loans for the University of Utah.

  2. Jean Louis Olgivens says:

    How can I apply to get this aid?

  3. lateef says:

    Pls,I need info on a student loan to study masters in education at the university of cape town,south africa.

    I live in nigeria.

    • jfrankel says:

      Hi Lateef, thanks for your inquiry. Our loans work for non-US students studying in the US or US citizens abroad – unfortunately our loans do not work for non-US citizens traveling to another country – check out IEFA and International Scholarships to find out more about scholarships, grants, and other types of aid you may be eligible for.

  4. solomon chanyalew says:

    hi how are your i am fine thank in formation

  5. Efosa Ediagbonya says:

    Hi,please i need a loan for my education.

  6. AHIMBISIBWE G says:

    Its real grate and I would love to take part of it. its a grate opportunity to some of us.

  7. lokawadominic says:


    • jfrankel says:

      Hi Lokawadominic, thanks for your question. Your co-signer must be a US citizen or permanent resident with good credit and income history and who has lived in the US for the past two years. A cosigner is typically a family member or close friend. Best of luck studying in the USA 🙂

  8. muhammed adamu idris says:

    Hi am a nigérian waited to study piloting in US and am looking for a scholarship

  9. Acheka Edmonton says:

    Hay jfrankel,
    Thanks for this information. Iam a Ugandan graduate from Makerere University.
    Please, Iwas admitted for Masters in Public Health and Health Promotion at Swansae University three years ago but I failed to go and persure the course due to lack of financing, yetup to now the School stii need to go for the course.
    This course is so much relevant to my carreir development.
    Therefore how can i get this international students loan to enable me do this course.
    Best regards
    Edmonton Acheka

  10. Zillah Adahman says:

    Hello, I just got accepted to Minnesota State University Moorhead. The total costs is approximately 17000USD. Uhmm…..I’m from Nigeria and this money in our own country is something else. Like is there any form of loan or grants I can get?

  11. beda says:

    I want to apply it but i don’t know how,can you please instruct me?

  12. Aziz ahmad says:

    i need to study in California USA and no need loan i could pay the charge but i don’t know how to apply pls tell me the fastest process thanks .

  13. Melani says:

    Hi, I’m going to be an International PhD student in MA has Co-signer who lives in another state. I have not got Visa yet and I’m going to estimate how should pay back the loan, If I need $40,000 every year, what will be the best choice of time and rate to pay back the Loan? I couldn’t get funds of university and it might get no financial help to end(4-5 years).

  14. noemi says:

    is it possible to use the loan in other universities outside US?

  15. Sakina says:

    Hi, I am planning to apply for a one year on-line MBA program in the US University this year. I am non-US resident. Can I apply for this loan?

  16. jancy says:

    hi, thanks for the help you are providing but the problem is compliting the form . some time they ask you { zip code} which does not work in our countries ( africa)and when you jump that step it is impossible to submit or to got to the other step. can you please advise?


    i need loan for my education

  18. Robert J. Allen says:

    i’m Robert from Liberia and seeking admission into Rochester Institute of Technology graduate program and i need a loan of $ can you help to get to the next stage of the admission process.

  19. Sampson Tieku says:

    Hi, I am a Ghanaian and have been admitted into Wheaton College Graduate Sch.Can I apply for a international student loan to cater for my educational cost and satisfy the requirement for acquiring the 1-20 student visa.

  20. Sampson says:

    Hi, I am a Ghanaian and have been admitted into Wheaton College Graduate Sch.Can I apply for a international student loan to cater for my educational cost and satisfy the requirement for acquiring the I-20 student visa.

  21. Sampson says:

    Hi, I am a Ghanaian and have been admitted into Wheaton College Graduate the U.S.A. Can I apply for a international student loan to cater for my educational cost and satisfy the requirement for acquiring the I-20 student visa.

  22. abdul lajay says:

    hi dear friends,i wont my 18 years boy to study in any USA university,but i don’t have the possibility to send him in university in US,we are looking for student loan that can make his dream come true.please if any one have idea of any real opportunity of loan,please do help me for more information.i wish every student that his looking loan complete his education GOOD LUCK.We are from Ecuatorial Guinea

  23. mzukisi says:

    i would like to have a goood conservation with the international student assistant based on how to appy and study overseas as the south african citezen here is my number plz call me back when you get that message thnks its

  24. Ehsan says:

    My names ehsan nabiyi I have been accepted to Thunderbird School of Global management in Arizona but I can not pay the tuition fees. I dont have any U.S cosigner, I was wondering if I could get loans or not. I am from Iran.

    Ehsan Nabiyi

  25. emmanuel says:

    please i will like loan to further my education if possible. though am a nigerian and don’t know if the loan can be possible.

  26. emeka says:

    its a good program me that every good student is suppose to seize the opportunity to enroll.

  27. Safiyanu ishaq says:

    I want study at US but I don’t know how to apply the loan I will appreciate if some one can help me out there. From Kano Nigeria

  28. Tamba says:

    Hi I am a Liberian who got accepted at post university in Connecticut. and need a loan of 33,900. I have a co-signer but I can’t find any because am not in the U.S. how can I apply for the loan.

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