Many international students soon find that supporting an education overseas can be a challenge. After all, international students are not eligible for many financial aid avenues that US students have access to. Once international students have maximized their scholarships and grants, they may still need help covering their costs. In situations like these, international private student loans can help cover this gap so that they can afford tuition, airfare, books, living expenses, and much more.

International private student loans are available to non-US citizens coming to the US to study, as long as they have a US cosigner. They can apply for the total cost of their education, as determined by their school, minus any financial aid they’ve received. The college or university is highly involved in the process in not only certifying the loan amount, but also in receiving the dispersed funds from the lender. Because of this, international students will have to ensure that the loan they apply to:

1. Lends to international students; and
2. Works with their college or university.

So, how would an international student know whether their lender meets both criteria? With our loan comparison tool, students can simply enter in their citizenship and school, and be immediately matched with available lenders that will work for their students. Don’t spend time searching or calling each lender, International Student Loan has made international private student loans even easier!

With our loan comparison tool, international students can compare terms and conditions, choose the loan that works for them, and then apply right online. The options available offer competitive rates, with a quick initial approval within weeks. If you, or someone you know, are looking for financial assistance for the new semester, check out international private student loans.

If you have questions on student loans, don’t hesitate to contact our representatives as we are here to help you navigate the complicated path of financing your studies overseas.

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