As an international student preparing to come to the United States, you have a number of concerns on your mind. Chances are one of the most pressing of these concerns is how you will fund your education. Unfortunately, international students generally end up paying more than US students for their education. International students are not eligible for federal aid and must pay out of state tuition for public universities.

The vast majority of international students in the United States rely on personal or family support to fund their US education. This infographic explores the other options available to international students, such as working, scholarships, home government aid, and fellowships.

After you have exhausted all of these options, you may find that you are still in need of aid. If this is the case, you may choose to look into applying for private student loans to help you afford your US education. This infographic explores this process, as well.

Follow Renata and Cristian on their journey to fund their education in the US, and we hope that this infographic is helpful and informative for you.

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