College students come in all shapes and sizes these days but one concern unites domestic and international students alike: money. While financial concerns are a matter of course in all walks of life, international students do face unique challenges while pursing their higher education goals. That is because in addition to the academic demands faced by all students, these international students must often deal with restrictions on their ability to work and rely on international student loans to make ends meet. Still, anyone can benefit from these money-saving tips for eating on a budget.

1) Make a list and stick to it.

Marketing is more than a business elective – it is something you face every time you walk into a grocery store. In fact, because these stores are constantly trying to convince you to buy new and exciting products it can be hard to remember sometimes what you went to the store for in the first place! Thus of all the tips for eating on a budget, this one is key. Keep a list (in your kitchen or on your smart phone) of what you need at the store. Add things to it when you run out and bring it with you when you go shopping. If it is not on your list, don’t buy it!

2) Shop in the right places.
Sure the on-campus convenience store is, well, convenient but that ease-of-access comes with a price. In fact, not only are prices usually higher at these stores but their products are not usually as fresh. Thus another important tip for eating on a budget is to go to the supermarket. Take the bus or ride with a friend. Doing so will enable you to buy fresher ingredients for less and, in so doing, keep your food bill low.

3) Share.
For much the same way grocery stores are cheaper than convenience stores, bulk stores are cheaper still. Check with roommates and neighbors to see if they have a Costco or BJs membership card and, better yet, if they’d like to split some large packages with you. Good things may come in small packages but cheaper things come in small ones!

If you stick to these tips for eating on a budget, you will soon find that you’ll be saving money for a large chunk of your expenses. Good luck and share your ideas of how you’ve reduced your food expenditures!