2020 Kansas Loan Forgiveness Program Offers Rural Relief
July 26th, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

Kansas Student Loan Forgiveness Opportunity

Student loan debt may be a sign of the times but it is also at an all-time high. Indeed, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the national figure for the United States now tops more than $1 trillion (meaning that the the average debt for now exceeds $20,000). In response to this an increasingly large number of students are seeking new loan forgiveness programs to help offset this burden and, at the same time, a new breed of programs is stepping in to offer relief. While traditional programs have been offering loan forgiveness to teachers at low-income schools, social workers in high need districts, and other skilled professionals working for the public interest for years, a new loan forgiveness program is working to solve another social problem: rural population decline in the US.

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